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Colorful GT1030 2G V3

Model: 212327101804

GeForce RTX Graphics cards are powered by the turning GPU architecture and the all-new RTX Platform

Cash Discount Price : 7,200 ৳

Color in space grey to strengthen hard core texture, and highlight red evergy core with annular lights. Equipped with lateral slant design, the energy core shows its strong power to reinforce visual impact. The radial pattern around the energy core displays five different RGB effects to perfectly match your style

Product Type Graphic Cards
Model Colorful GeForce GT1030 2G V3
Processor GeForce GT1030
GPU Code Name GP108
Core Clock Base:1227MHz;boost:1468MHz
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Size 2 GB
Clock Speed 6 Gbps
Bus Width 64 bit
Display Resolution 3840x2160 @60Hz
Display Ports 3 x DP + HDMI + USB-C
Application Programming Interfaces (API) DirectX 12.1; OpenGL 4.5
Cooling System Air Cooling

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